Reading While Eating for November 1: Danger Zone

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Philippe Wojazer / Reuters

Oxfam activists wear masks representing some of the G20 world leaders who stand on a red carpet outside the Petit Palais Museum behind a banner which reads, "Cannes G20: It's no Movie!" in Paris

Tuesday’s links flirt with danger — whether the threat is real or just dressed that way.

Scary Statistics: This interactive quiz provides a sobering look at worldwide slavery. How many slaves work for you? (Consumerist)

Mean Move: Want to prank the grammar freak in your life? Mess with his or her auto-correct. Then work on your evil cackle. (The Daily What)

Baby Boom: Here’s a novel solution to dealing with a population of 7 billion: a good old-fashioned plague. (TIME Ideas)

Zealous Zines: Sure, the Internet is great. But often creativity works best on paper. That’s where these adorable illustrated zines come in. (Flavorwire)

Self-Taken Shots: Forget that infamous “Myspace photo” angle. Here’s how to take a creative self-portrait. (LIFE)

Need for Speed: This is definitely the cutest Halloween costumes we saw this year. Presenting, baby Top Gun! (Best Week Ever)