Reading While Eating for November 2: For Richer or Poorer

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Mathieu Belanger / Reuters

A polar bear swims underwater in the St-Felicien Wildlife Zoo in St-Felicien, Quebec, on October 31, 2011

Wednesday’s links talkĀ  rich lawmakers and the beginnings of beautiful relationships.

Beats the Club Scene: Single and elderly in Shanghai? Hit the local Ikea to meet your next date. (NPR)

Occupy Congress: The vast majority of the U.S. House and Senate belong to the 1%. And they’re getting even richer. (The Daily What)

WTF, Language: Is the English language making us dyslexic? Here’s Y txt spk mite bee bettr. (TIME Ideas)

Classic Cameras: Take a trip back in time to when chemistry, not digital technology, was behind the best photography. (LIFE)

Thank the Academy: This will either ease your stage fright or make it worse. Watch 10 hilarious pop-culture speeches. (Flavorwire)

Above It All: Feel superior to your favorite movie characters with this supercut of “God point-of-view” shots. (Viral Viral Videos)