Humane Society Complaint Questions Conditions of McRib Pork Supplier

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Paul J. Richards / Getty Images

The McRib may be back, but along with it comes a legal complaint from the Humane Society of the United States, contending that McDonald’s pork supplier is guilty of inhumane practices. The HSUS complaint was filed to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and accused the company of making false claims. The claims in contention? That the pigs were being kept in “ideal” conditions.

According to a 2010 undercover HSUS investigation, pork farm Smithfield Foods kept their female pigs in confined gestation crates, and also practiced castration and tail docking without anesthesia. The crates were often coated in blood from pigs chewing the metal bars of the cages, premature pigs fell through gate slats into a manure pit and in one instance a pig was shot in the head with a bolt gun and thrown into a dumpster while still alive, The Atlantic reports.

Smithfield Foods, which counts Dr. Temple Grandin as animal welfare advisor, said in a response to HSUS, “We are proud of our unparalleled track record as a sustainable food producer and stand confidently behind our company’s public statements concerning animal care and environmental stewardship.” The Virginia-based company denies the claims, and continued, “Any objective assessment of our practices would conclude that Smithfield and our employees are behaving in a socially responsible manner.”

More recently, McDonald’s honored Smithfields with a “supplier sustainability” award, boasting that the fast-food chain’s pork comes from healthy pigs raised in good conditions. But McDonald’s recognized that gestation crates are inhumane and group housing is a better practice. Grandin also told Smithfields the crates have to go, and the supplier promised to phase out the crates by 2017, but according to The Atlantic, it has since withdrawn its promise.

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Fact: The United States is an Oligarchy.

Fact: The oligarchy loves the way things are now and do not want to change it.  They're making more money, and the rest of us are not.

The Oligarchy controls the media and only reports on things that don't encourage change in the status quo.  The Occupy movement, while rather disorganized, is still one of those things the media does not report on any longer.  It's mostly because they're getting their organizational act together (somewhat more than at first) and are more of a threat to the status quo since more and more people are becoming less and less thrilled about the way the middle class and poor are being treated at the hands of the elite few.  The overall trend is toward revolution against our masters.

To counter this, our masters churn up the propaganda machine, trying to make it about liberals versus conservatives and trying to get the soft underbelly of Americans (the willfully ignorant slaves to their mindset) to distract and pontificate and threaten without going too overboard on that.  Revolution, civil war and the like are not on the oligarchy agenda UNLESS they can win it.  As more and more people realize the extent of their control over our country, more and more people are demanding change in the way things are: Higher minimum wages.  Higher taxes for the wealthy and tax relief for the poor and middle class.

If one looks at rightist fiscal policy (and leftist to a much lesser degree), one sees a certain consistency in that the wealthy have always been advantaged in every policy and move, almost universally to the detriment of the rest of the country, under the patently false premise that if we give money to the "job creators" they'll create jobs.  The wealthy "job creators" took that money and took our jobs overseas to make more money and power.  After all, with the wealthy of the U.S. having more money than at any time in history, one would think that if the premise was true, we'd all have jobs.

We don't.

Not only that, but the few new jobs we do have aren't liveable wage jobs, and both wealth and real income for most Americans has dropped between 35%-75% since 1980.  The only gains in real wealth were among the wealthy, who got over 150% wealthier even after adjusting for inflation.

I don't advocate for revolution, but I figure it's about all we have left because the soft underbelly of America is too ignorant to see the problem and act in accord with the rest of the country.  But when the civil war comes (and I expect it will), my personal choice in targets of attack will be those of wealth who used it to influence others mostly for their own personal gain instead of mostly for the common good.  I'd much rather the country figures out how we're being controlled and work together within the system to stop it.  Being the willing stooges of the elite, I just don't think the right is bright enough to go along.


The jurors had NO idea that she could get such a long sentence because anything about sentencing was deliberately withheld from the jury during deliberations.  A Montana man convicted of statutory RAPE got 30 days and an Occupy activist gets 90 days for a minor assault that could have been accidental.  What happened to the Democratic principle of punishment suiting the crime?  One thing is for sure; they don't make cops the way they used to... I would have dropped this case before I admitted a little girl blackened my eye. This cop should really man up and grow a pair.