Fashion Friday: Kardashian Kopycats and Other Style Scoop

NewsFeed's Feifei Sun rounds up the brilliant and bizarre from this week in fashion.

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Inspired by Balenciaga, YSL and Others. Fashionista notes that a new line of handbags by the Kardashian sisters looks an awful lot like a bunch of other famous designer bags. [Fashionista]

Fashion Bond. Tom Ford will again design the costumes for Daniel Craig’s James Bond character in the franchise’s next installment, Skyfall. [Telegraph]

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Farewell, Filene’s. Discount chain Filene’s Basement has filed for bankruptcy and is set to close all of its stores. We just don’t know what we’ll do without the store’s annual Running of the Brides. [Moneyland]

Now Madonna Makes Grownup Clothes. After launching Material Girl, a clothing line of teens, in 2010, the singer is turning her fashion focus to older women. Truth or Dare by Madonna is slated to drop in 2012 and will target “women ages 27-50 who have a timeless style and an innate sex appeal.” [PRNewswire]

Crass Cavalli. Designer Robert Cavalli, a sprightly 70, wants you all to know that he plans to have sex another 15,000 times before he dies. [WWD]

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