Reading While Eating for November 4: Seriously Sweet

Friday's links finally finish all that Halloween candy.

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Denis Sinyakov / Reuters

Russian servicemen in historical uniforms take part in a military parade rehearsal in Moscow's Red Square. The parade will take place on November 7 to mark the 70th anniversary of a historical parade in 1941 when Soviet soldiers marched through Red Square, towards the front lines during World War II

Articles of Faith: Why does Michigan’s anti-bullying law protect religious tormenters? (Swampland)

Global Movement: Sure, you’ve kept up with Occupy Wall Street, and even Occupy Oakland. But what about Occupy Pakistan? (Divanee)

Bad Plan: A U.S. citizen, charged with distribution of a controlled substance, claimed he was an illegal immigrant so he could simply be deported to Mexico. Yeah, that wasn’t going to come back to hurt him later. (The Daily What)

Stranger than Fiction: Nope, it’s not just a plot device. These people actually faked their deaths, with differing levels of success. (LIFE)

Spooky Stars: When the red carpet meets Halloween, celebrity outfits can go from fun to freakish. (Go Fug Yourself)

Viral Video: This music video was made using 288,000 jelly beans. (Mashable)