Scammers Pose as Soldiers Online, Stealing Women’s Hearts — and Money

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Absodels / Getty Images

Think twice before falling for that hot soldier stationed in Iraq, says the U.S. Army—especially if you met him on a dating website.

It’s rather easy to spot and avoid those Nigerian-prince email scams, but hundreds of women have been falling prey to this more sophisticated “romance scam,” reports Jezebel.

In this type of plot, thieves take on the identities of actual servicemen based in Iraq or Afghanistan, grab a couple photos off the Internet of said soldier, and go to work scamming on social media based dating sites. The scammers start building relationships with women online, eventually asking them for money after wooing them and gaining their sympathy and trust. One woman fell so hard she sent $127,000 to her supposed military love.

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The U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command (CID) has issued several memos about the situation, including one last month, warning citizens to be “extra vigilant” and not fall for these impersonation frauds, “especially scams promising true love, but only end up breaking hearts and bank accounts.”

Victims tend to be unsuspecting women, 30 to 55 years old and the scammers are usually based in African countries and go to great lengths to make their email addresses untraceable and route accounts around the world. After manipulating their victim’s emotions, the scammer will ask for money in some rather creative ways: money to buy “leave papers,” to cover medical expenses, for a flight home to see their fake lover in person.

So, things to keep in mind when online dating? One, it’s not real until you’ve met the person. Two, “Don’t ever send money!” Remember, love don’t cost a thing.

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Have been talking to a sgtjames chris royce on facebook account now deactivated. Did some research and these profiles are all the same just different names. Like to share to stop woman getting hurt and their pockets deplete. Here is what I found July 2013 on this person.For  surname Royce US Army

1.Royce Brown, Resides Miami, Florida, birthdate aug 8 1970

2.Raymond Royce studied at Started Working at US Army Fort Benning

3.Stephen Royce  Works at The U.S. Army Lives in Kabul, Afghanistan  From Salt Lake City, Utah

4.Bob Royce Worked at US Army Fort Benning  Studied at American Military University Lives in Kabul, Afghanistan From Louisville, Kentucky – June 21

5.Royce Jeffrey  born Hometown — Watertown, New York. Studied at Himalayan Institute of Yoga Science and Philosophy Past: U.S. Army, Department of Combat Medic Training. There’s a wedding ring on in that photo.

6.Royce Fred Works at U.S Army Infantry, The U.S. Army and US Army Fort BenningStudied at U.S. Army War College Past: Bronzeville From Chicago, Illinois ssgt rank e-8

7.Smith Royce Worked at The U.S. Army Lives in Baghdad, Iraq profile photo changed 26 June

8.Raymond Royce  Worked at Military (US Army) joined facebbook april 2013 In a Relationship with Mary Helen Flores june 28 See Friendship  Worked at The U.S. Army  Studied at American Military  University  Past: Kentucky Country Day School  Lives in Kabul, Afghanistan  From Louisville, Kentucky

9.Royce Rick Worked at The U.S. Army  Studied at Army Strong Past: University of California, San Diego This one says on probile Dad from Us and Mum from Germany and that you are a US army recruiter from Tampa recruiting from the Melbourne recruiting station.

 10.There is even a profile  Rick Royce Lives in Kansas City, Missouri  From Saint Joseph, Missouri this dated June 27 not even in uniform?