Reading While Eating for November 7: Girls Rule

Monday's links feature funny ladies and controversial criminals.

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Michael Buholzer / Reuters

FC Thun's goalkeeper David Da Costa is seen in the smoke after supporters of the FC Luzern burned flares during the Swiss Super League soccer match against FC Thun in Thun, Switzerland

I Want to Go to There: Tina Fey hosts an hour-long public radio show, “The Hidden World of Girls,” that tells girls’ stories from around the world. (PRX)

Legal Battle: Could the case of Hank Skinner be the next Troy Davis? Skinner is currently fighting from death row to get DNA evidence reviewed. (The Daily What)

Money Talks: Is the NBA lockout harming the economy? Not as much as many people claim. (Moneyland)

Strong Women: These photos celebrate the fierce beauty of female matadors. (LIFE)

Revolutionary or Terrorist? Should Guy Fawkes be celebrated or condemned every November 5? He’s not the only cultural icon people can’t decide about. (Flavorwire)

Listen to This: You can now Stream Camp, a rap album by Childish Gambino, a.k.a. Donald Glover from NBC’s Community. (NPR)

Viral Video: Chores are boring. Why not spice them up with some awesome dance moves? (BuzzFeed)