Reading While Eating for November 8: How to Succeed

Get ahead in life with links about college majors and making first impressions.

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Desmond Boylan / Reuters

Men change a flat tire of their car on Havana's seafront boulevard as a wave crashes on November 7, 2011

Making Cents: This handy infographic shows you how much money each college major makes in the real world. (Wall Street Journal)

Get Out the Vote: A friendly reminder that today is Election Day. Important issues are at stake in many U.S. states, so go vote. Find out more here. (Swampland)

Gone Too Far? Charlie Hebdo, a French satirical magazine, was bombed after they placed an illustration of the prophet Muhammad on its cover. Now they’ve got an image of him kissing the publication’s editor. This can’t end well. (The Daily What)

Scenes of a Champion: As the boxing world remembers Joe Frazier, take a photographic look back at one of his famous clashes with Muhammad Ali. (LIFE)

Pretty City: This short film shows a lyrical, beautiful side of New York City. (Mashable)

First Glance: Get your networking on without fear with these tips on how to make the perfect first impression. (Lifehacker)

Viral Video: If only Occupy Wall Street protesters and the police cooperated as much as this dog and police horse. (Viral Viral Videos)