Reading While Eating for November 15: Way Back When

Tuesday's links take us back to Woodstock, Kurt Vonnegut and even when people still used emoticons.

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China Daily / Reuters

Artist Liu Bolin demonstrates an art installation by blending in with vegetables displayed on the shelves at a supermarket in Beijing November 10, 2011. Liu, also known as the 'Vanishing Artist', started becoming "invisible" by means of optical illusions more than six years ago

Webby Words: Is it too late to jump on the LOL bandwagon? Yes, yes it is. See an epic guide of Internet expressions that need retiring. (Village Voice)

School Scandal: A Penn State trustee speaks out about the Jerry Sandusky case and its impact on the school. (TIME)

Watch Out: When it comes to the line between form and function, should architecture be scarily precarious? These 10 buildings look like they could kill you. (Flavorwire)

Thank-You Note: After her husband died, a woman wrote a letter to Kurt Vonnegut to thank him for his work. The response is priceless. (The Daily What)

British Bombshell: In a consistently entertaining series at The Awl, Emma Garman explains the stardom of Britain’s manufactured celebrities. Next up, the baffling fame of Katie “Jordan” Price. (The Awl)

Workplace Worries: As offices remain extremely wary of sexual harassment claims, is such scrutiny creating another form of workplace hostility? Get ready to have a strong opinion on this one. (New York Times)

Fuzzy Friend: Want a real Muppet nostalgia movie? Check out this documentary about the man behind Elmo. (Fast Company)

Party On: Take a (trippy) trip back in time with these unseen photos from Woodstock. (LIFE)

Viral Video: This time-lapse video of Earth, as seen from space, will make you revert to your childhood dreams of being an astronaut. (Kottke)