John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s Peace Poster Sells for $154,000

London-based Christie's auctioned off the sign as a part of its Rock and Pop Memorabilia sale.

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Andrew Winning / Reuters

Leonie Pitts of Christie's auction house holds a placard made by John Lennon which hung above his 1969 Montreal "Bed-In".

If you’re a protester down at Occupy Wall Street, a peace sign won’t get you much (though it might spare you from getting pepper sprayed). If you were the family auctioning memorabilia off at Christie’s on Nov. 15, however, a peace sign got you plenty. We’re talking $154,000 kind of plenty.

The peace sign that was auctioned was the famous placard that read “Bed Peace” from John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s 1969 “bed in” in Montreal. The sign was taped to the window above their Queen Elizabeth Hotel bed where the couple stayed for seven straight days. The former Beatle and his wife staged the event as a non-violent act of protest in the name of peace during the Vietnam War.

According to Bloomberg, a sound engineer who attended the event managed to snag the placard and had it signed and dated by the couple. He later gave it to a colleague, whose family had it auctioned off by London-based Christie’s in a move that’s paid off handsomely. NewsFeed wonders: Is $154,000 enough to elevate someone into the 1%?

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