Reading While Eating for December 5: Flat-Out Fun

Monday's links kick off the week with arbitrary lists and flattened cartoon characters.

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An Indian Navy soldier dispenses smoke from a canister during a dress rehearsal ahead of Navy Day celebrations in Mumbai on December 2, 2011

Baffling Pop Stars: What is the deal with LMFAO? (Seriously. We just don’t see the appeal.) Jonah Weiner attempts to explain their satirical dance-floor hits. (Slate)

Glossy Gifts: Looking for a gift for a style-savvy friend? Here’s how to take advantage of flash-fashion deal sites. (Moneyland)

___est Cities: It seems like every week, there’s another list out there ranking cities based on mood, income and even hairstyles. Here’s why they’re often bogus. (Salon)

Rare Reads: These 10 top-notch books (sadly) won’t end up on many Best of 2011 lists. Here’s why you should read them anyway. (Flavorwire)

Spongebob Flatpants: This street art is great, but you might not want your cartoon-lover child to see it. (The Daily What)

Self-Explanatory: Sometimes, a headline just says it all. Behold, “Heavy Stuff on Top of People.” (LIFE)

Viral Video: Get in touch with your inner child with this one-woman, a capella Disney medley. (SISFTI)