Video: Skydiver Films His Own Paralyzing Fall

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An eerie video recently posted on YouTube shows first-hand footage of a skydiver’s tragic incident that led to his paralysis.

What was supposed to be a routine skydive among three experienced friends turned into terror as Tim, the man filming, collided with his friend. Unable to properly manipulate his now-mangled parachute, Tim landed with a hard impact onto a cornfield in Wisconsin, breaking his pelvis, back and neck, which instantly paralyzed him.

Though the accident and its aftermath are horrifying, the immediate reactions captured in the video are heartening and inspirational. Tim’s friends and the paramedics display admirable skill and calm while assisting him as he struggled to breathe and remain conscious. For his part, Tim was remarkably able to control his breathing and let everyone know when he needed help.

After Tim lost consciousness, paramedics arrived and med-flighted to University of Wisconsin Hospital in Madison where he awoke days later after surgery and began life as a quadriplegic.

According to Tim’s YouTube page, it took him four and a half years to be able to watch the video.

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