Reading While Eating for December 9: Emotional Rollercoaster

Friday's links bring you a sad story, a hilarious recap and two adorable animals.

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David Moir / Reuters

Waves crash against the promenade in Largs in west Scotland. Severe weather and high winds battered Scotland on Thursday, leaving thousands without power, causing hundreds of schools to close and causing widespread travel disruption.

Pieces of History: These stunning photos come from the first Western photographer to gain access to Hitler’s World War II bunker. (LIFE)

Web Crackdown: Indian officials are seeking censorship of Facebook, Google and other popular websites. Are other countries next? (Divanee)

Chopping Onions: Get your Kleenex ready — this story of a gay couple fighting to marry before one half passed away will get the tears flowing. (The Daily What)

Musical Evolution: This year’s inductees to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame have certainly come a long way. (TIME Entertainment)

Twisted Tarantino: Have a lot of time to kill at your desk? Watch Pulp Fiction, edited to put the scenes in chronological order. (Kottke)

Laugh of the Day: The CW show Hart of Dixie is worth watching, if only for the hilarious recaps. (Go Fug Yourself)

Viral Video: Because it’s Friday, watch this cute video of an owl and a dog’s unlikely friendship. (Have You Seen This)