Look Out For ‘The Big Man’ on Scottish Trains, Scofflaws

Don't even think about riding the rails in Scotland without a ticket.

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This video is a cautionary tale to potential fare dodgers — if you ever find yourself on a Scottish train without a ticket, don’t even think about trying to sneak a free ride.

Not only are even the wizened conductors seemingly willing to stand in the aisle yelling, “OFF!” at you for hours on end if necessary, but the public humiliation doesn’t end there. If the ticket-less rider won’t disembark the train in a prompt and courteous manner, the audience participation segment begins. Based on the evidence from this video, the Scottish public doesn’t abide scofflaws on trains and has no qualms about stepping in to help a conductor oust a stowaway. And in Scotland, they grow ’em big. Really big. Those children watching the kerfuffle have just learned a valuable life lesson: Don’t even think about dodging your fare.

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