‘S— Girls Say’: Hilarious Twitter Feed Becomes a Hilarious YouTube Video

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The phrase “it’s funny because it’s true” hits home when watching this clip, which is being forwarded faster than you can say “it’s cold in here.”

With the self-explanatory handle, S— Girls Say started as a Twitter feed that quickly amassed tens of thousands of followers. Simply tweeting phrases and exclamations that women have said, would say or can imagine saying at some point in their lives, the feed was soon a hit. And now, thanks to the work of Kyle Humphrey and Graydon Sheppard, the funny feed is now an even funnier video with the charming Sheppard dressed as a woman in various situations, saying, well, s— girls say. There’s even a Juliette Lewis cameo, which is never a bad thing.

While some have expressed confusion and irritation at the premise, we find it hard to take this for more than a light-hearted look at common and, yes, stereotypical female behavior. Of course it’s not definitive, but then again, it’s a joke. Nothing in the video or the feed is overtly annoying or offensive, and pretty much all women can cop to having uttered most of these sentences at least once. (Yes, that includes “do I look like a doily?”) If we wanted to be sticklers, we could take issue with the use of “girls” rather than “women,” but we’ll let it go.

And just so you know we’re equal opportunists, we’d love to see a video response of S— Guys Say. We’ll even get the ball rolling with the following suggestions:

-Not cool.
-I can lift that.
-How far do you think I can throw this?
-They’re jeans, they don’t need to be washed.
-Are you going to eat that?
-Can you put this in your purse?
-No, I know where we’re going.

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