The Irish Jersey Shore Looks Pretty Much Exactly How You’d Expect

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Here’s the trailer for the new Irish television show, Tallafornia. If you’re reminded of Jersey Shore while you watch it, you’re not alone.

The reality show is set in the west-Dublin neighborhood of Tallaght, and it follows that old familiar premise of putting a bunch of hard-partying 20-somethings together in a house and filming a few weeks of debauchery. Add in a hot tub and loads of Lycra and you’ve got yourself the Irish version of Jersey Shore, which is responsible for the illustrious careers of Snooki, J-Woww and Pauly D.

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Judging from the trailer’s YouTube comments, there are already quite a few Irish men and women who are feeling embarrassed about the way the show portrays Ireland and, in particular, Dubliners. Which, of course, sounds achingly familiar to the controversy that surrounded the Shore‘s first season. Italian Americans and Jersey Shore-ians alike both decried the déclassé behavior seen on the show and were quick to distance themselves from the drunken antics of the cast.

Should Ireland be worried about its reputation being besmirched by a bunch of carousing kids? Probably not. If other Jersey Shore knockoffs like England’s The Only Way is Essex and Canada’s Lake Shore have shown us anything, it’s that ridiculous, promiscuous kids who drink too much exist pretty much everywhere. There’s no need to take offense, just try to enjoy the antics. Or, failing that, you could always quit watching reality TV altogether.

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