Reading While Eating for December 28: Because I Said So

Wednesday's links are good at grieving but bad at being intimidating.

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KCNA / Reuters

North Koreans mourn their deceased leader Kim Jong-il at the Kumsusan Memorial Palace in Pyongyang in this picture released by the North's KCNA news agency on December 28, 2011.

You’re a Great Driver: Flattery can get you everywhere. It can even make someone else a better driver. (The Atlantic)

Equine Eats: Is there a case for eating horse meat? Many chefs think so. (TIME Ideas)

Stop It, Pop: Our favorite headline of the day: “Mitt Romney Is Running for America’s Embarrassing Dad.” (Jezebel)

Put Words in Their Mouths: These famous quotations were actually never said in the first place. “Play it again, Sam”? Never said in Casablanca. (LIFE)

Oh Brother: Someone saw the face of Jesus in…a sock. You know it’s a slow news week when stories like this pop up. (The Daily What)

Viral Video: Need a midweek pick-me-up? Here’s a lion cub learning how to roar. (Reddit)