May the Fries Be With You: Fast Food Chain Offers ‘Darth Vader’ Burgers

When asked how you want your meat cooked, don't go with medium or rare. Choose the dark side.

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The French hamburger chain Quick is quite possibly the only business (apart from Hollywood bean counters and toy sellers) happy about the upcoming re-release of the Star Wars movies in 3D. That’s because they’re launching a line of themed burgers.

From Jan. 31 (Phantom Menace 3D gets its French release in February), you’ll be able to choose from the likes of the Dark Burger, the Jedi Burger and — hold onto your hats! — the Dark Vador (that’s Quick’s spelling, not NewsFeed’s).

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Let’s delve a little deeper into these sure to be Michelin-starred slabs of meat. At first glance, the Dark Burger and Jedi Burger appear to be pretty much the same kind of patty — a double cheeseburger. But upon further investigation, you can quite clearly see that the Jedi has some sort of white pellets peeking out. What could they be? (Apart from delicious, of course!) Perhaps only Yoda or Luke Skywalker have the answer. And if you dare think along the lines of “Look tasty this burger does not,” don’t let the little green guy find out.

As for le grand fromage, as our friends in France might say, the Dark Vador is a simply sumptuous double beef patty, resplendent with cheese and — ahem — a soupçon of lettuce (hey, even pure evil needs to stay healthy). The key selling point is certainly its pitch-black bun, which could have such a profound influence on cuisine, that all hamburgers henceforth will be presented in this manner. (via Yahoo)

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