Reading While Eating for January 6: Thinner In Person

Friday's links give you a new look at iconic individuals.

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Antonio Parrinello / Reuters

Mount Etna spews volcanic ash during an eruption on the southern Italian island of Sicily, January 5, 2012. Mount Etna is Europe's tallest and most active volcano.

From Om to Ow: In case your health-conscious aunt hasn’t forwarded this to you yet, see how yoga can hurt your body. (New York Times)

Not So Voluptuous: Here’s a shocking secret about Marilyn Monroe: She actually was pretty skinny. Sorry, everyone. (Slate)

Like the Real Thing: See a new take on the classics with photo remakes of famous works of art. (Kottke)

Horse Whisperer: How did they get the horse from War Horse to do all that? We found out. (TIME Entertainment)

Boozy Books: These famous literary greats all had one thing in common: A drug of choice. (LIFE)

Yup, It Happened: In case you missed it, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg gave Lady Gaga a New Year’s kiss. Seriously. (Go Fug Yourself)

Inevitable: What’s a presidential primary without a Funny or Die parody starring Mike Tyson as Herman Cain? (The Daily What)

Viral Video: This iPad survived a freefall to Earth from space. (Gizmodo)