Reading While Eating for January 12: Speak Up

Thursday's links talk tax challenges, campaign promises and career advice.

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Kyodo / Reuters

A child looks at a candle flame during an event to pray for the reconstruction of areas devastated by the March 11, 2011 earthquake and tsunami, in Iwanuma in Miyagi prefecture, Japan, an area hit by the disaster

Transparency U: Should colleges publicly release consumer-report “nutrition facts?” It might help prospective students consider their investment. (The Atlantic)

The Optimist: Warren Buffett tells TIME he’d match any voluntary tax contribution from Republicans. Will any of him take him up on the challenge? (Swampland)

Get Out the Vote: Political ads may have the YouTube advantage these days, but old-school campaign posters are way more fun. (LIFE)

Smarty Meals: British McDonald’s restaurants will temporarily replace Happy Meal toys with books. Will it catch on in the States? (The Daily What)

Multiple Mediums: With lyrics this good, why aren’t these 10 musicians writing full-length novels? (Flavorwire)

Odd Fantasies: Fun fact: There is fan fiction written about Steve Urkel from Family Matters. Also Murphy Brown. (Splitsider)

Viral Video: This is a little old, but still great — listen to the voice actors from Spongebob SquarePants dub over classic films. (Reddit)