Friday Flicks: Welcome Back to the Big Screen, Mark Wahlberg

Grab some popcorn! NewsFeed's Glen Levy brings you the movies you should check out (or avoid) this weekend.

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There couldn’t possibly be a better time to jump on the Sherlock Holmes bandwagon. Guy Ritchie’s two movies have charmed the world, and the BBC TV series Sherlock is arguably even superior.

So kudos to all involved for coming up with the idea behind Albatross, the story of Emelia Conan-Doyle (Jessica Brown Findlay, known best for her turn as Lady Sybil on Downton Abbey), the 17-year-old heir to the legacy of Arthur Conan Doyle, the man behind the man, as it were. Harboring an ambition to follow in the literary footsteps of her grandfather, Emelia writes while working at a seaside hotel populated by the likes of novelist Jonathan (Sebastian Koch), his put-upon wife (Julia Ormond) and their daughter, Beth (Felicity Jones).

Perhaps the reason that critical opinion is mixed is due to much of the subject matter revolving around writing, which is a topic close to any reviewer’s heart. “Despite a nice performance from newcomer Jessica Brown Findlay, this Tamara Dreweish coming-of-age drama is not entirely convincing,” writes The Guardian. “It could be an exercise in indolence if not for the razor-sharp dialogue that springs from the screen, especially in the precocious mouth of Brown Findlay, whose performance is startling,” is the slightly more positive conclusion of Empire. It would be a shame if the only way people find out for themselves is if screenings of the Sherlock Holmes sequel are sold out and Albatross becomes the second choice.

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NewsFeed’s Flicks Pick: If action is your thing, then Contraband could be for you. Something more thought-provoking? Albatross is the one.

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