Flight Accidentally Alerts Passengers of Plane Trouble

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REUTERS/Toby Melville

A British Airways flight from Miami to London accidentally played a recorded message declaring the plane was in trouble, reports the Telegraph.

“This is an emergency announcement. We may shortly need to make an emergency landing on water,”  announced an automated female voice to the flight’s 275 passengers around 3 a.m.

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This is the second time in the past year that British Airways accidentally gave passengers panic attacks.

“People were terrified, we all thought we were going to die,” passenger Michelle Lord told the Telegraph. “They said the pilot hit the wrong button because they were so close together.”

Passengers began screaming while the cabin staff tried to remedy the situation with reassurances that everything was fine.  After the flight landed safely, the staff passed out letters of apology to passengers.  A round of stiff drinks might have been more appropriate.

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