Reading While Eating for January 19: When Stars Collide

Thursday's links discuss odd collaborations and box-office duds.

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Cliff DesPeaux / Reuters

Seattle-area resident Jamshid Khajavi sees the heavy snowfall as an opportunity to ski cross-country from his home in Kirkland to Bellevue, Washington, 20 miles round trip.

Box-Office Bust: The era of the sure-thing movie star is dead. But Hollywood pretends it’s alive and well. (Vulture)

Dream Team: Herman Cain and Stephen Colbert: A match made in comedy heaven? (The Daily What)

Creepy Cooking: Love the Barefoot Contessa’s Food Network show? You’ll love it even more by imagining her husband is a ghost. (The Hairpin)

Can’t Win: You can get fired for working too much. Yup, seriously. (Moneyland)

Photo Finish: As Kodak files for bankruptcy protection, take a look back at the “People’s Camera.” (LIFE)

Twitter Troubles: Stars, they’re just like us. They accidentally tweet things that were meant to be direct messages. (Flavorwire)

Adorable Ad: Yes, it’s another Star Wars-themed Super Bowl ad from Volkswagen. But this time there are dogs! (Viral Viral Videos)