Jim Carrey’s Daughter, Jane, Auditions for American Idol

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American Idol sees contestants of all ages—many of whom look like they’re 12. Yet it was one contestant in particular who made judge Jennifer Lopez feel particularly uncomfortable about her age.

Jane Carrey—as in, Jim Carrey’s daughter—auditioned during last night’s episode in San Diego, and basically served as a reminder to Lopez of just how quickly the years are speeding by.

“I worked with Jim [on In Living Color]!” Lopez exclaimed after Carrey revealed her famous father’s identity. “I remember you when you were little! Do you remember me? I was one of the Fly Girls!”

“I think I was two…” Carrey politely replied back. Now she’s 24, and a mother at that. Lopez continued, incredulous: “You were so little! You were a baby! Oh my God! When did this happen?!”

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Carrey sings just a few lines of “Something to Talk About” before the judges stop her, telling her to bring more volume and more stage presence, but ultimately her “potential” gets her through to the next round.  That probably wouldn’t be enough to get most contestants to Hollywood, but her dad is Jim Carrey, and that’s a plot point the producers likely aren’t looking to pass up.

Her phone call to her dad after the audition was heartwarming, however, and one look at Jane’s dimples and big smile is all you need to see the family connection. We’ll be waiting to see how she fares in the coming rounds; maybe the “ham” in her that she mentions in her backstory video will come out. Like father, like daughter?

And just because she brought it up, here’s Jennifer Lopez from her Fly Girl glory days: