Reading While Eating for January 25: New School

Wednesday's links ponder remixes, Twitter blunders and smartphones under threat.

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Rune Stoltz Bertinussen / Scanpix / Reuters

A general view of the aurora borealis, near the city of Tromsoe in northern Norway, on January 25, 2012.

This Is the Remix: Why does every single pop song have to have a remix these days? Because the technology makes it possible. (The Awl)

Roll the Dice: An unlikely industry has stayed strong despite the video-game boom: board games. (Fast Company)

Cost of Fame: Want to be a rock star? That’ll cost you $100,000. (TIME)

Twitter Misfire: A social-media campaign by McDonald’s backfired, big time, once Twitter users chimed in. (The Daily What)

Adorable Moment: In case you missed it, President Obama hugged Rep. Gabrielle Giffords before last night’s State of the Union, and the photo instantly went viral. (LIFE)

Celebrated Snapshots: Famous photographers pose with the pictures that made them famous in the first place. (Flavorwire)

Slow-Motion Panic: Portlandia examines the inner monologue of smartphone users who drop their high-tech best friends. (BuzzFeed)