Vanilla Ice, Hipster

The "Ice Ice Baby" rapper goes indie rock for a sketch on The Soup, and it's strangely convincing.

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Nineties hip-hop icon Vanilla Ice is still rolling in his 5.0 with his rag-top down so his hair can blow. But he has taken a sharp left turn from hip-hop and ended up in indie-rock territory.

It may be an elaborate scheme to sell his ice cube trays (a.k.a. Ice Ice Baby Makers) and get on the bill at Coachella, but Vanilla (can we call him Vanilla?) knows that in these trying economic times, indie rock fans are more willing and able to throw down some bills to buy records. E! show The Soup checked in with Vanilla Ice for a sketch, set after his recent move to LA’s hip Echo Park neighborhood and reinvention as an indie artist. Once you hear “Ice Ice Baby” a cappella with a toy glockenspiel, you’ll know it’s the right move for the rapper, who quite clearly knows how to laugh at himself.

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