Reading While Eating for January 26: The Art of Looking Back

Thursday's links explore works of art while delving into the past.

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Suhaib Salem / Reuters

Demonstrators take part in a protest marking the first anniversary of Egypt's uprising at Tahrir square in Cairo, on January 25, 2012.

Tech Troubles: Chinese workers who assemble iPhones, iPads and other Apple products can face extremely harsh work conditions. (New York Times)

Sizing It Up: Clothing sizes make absolutely no sense, especially for women. And it’s been a problem for almost a century. (Slate)

Looking Back: From The Artist to Newt Gingrich, we can’t get enough of nostalgia. But is it just a cultural copout? (TIME Ideas)

A Good Laugh: Delve into a “semi-secret” photographic history of satirical icon MAD magazine. (LIFE)

Culinary Canvas: While you eat your own lunch, check out these famous works of art — in sandwich form. (Flavorwire)

No Ballgowns Here: If Disney princesses actually dressed like modern women, what would they wear? One illustrator ponders. (The Daily What)

Interactive Art: This art exhibit in Sydney reacts to the length of time you look at it. (Have You Seen This)