Oklahoma Girl Can Say Anything Backwards

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Do you remember in the movie The Exorcist when Reagan or, more specifically, the demon inside her, was speaking in a strange and mysterious language, but (spoiler alert) the Catholic priests sent to expel the so-called demon weren’t impressed because she wasn’t speaking Latin or Aramaic, but backwards English? Well, when Alyssa speaks backwards English, it is pretty darn impressive.

In the video making its way across the Internet today, Alyssa reveals her special skill to the world: She can say any word backwards in less than three seconds. It sounds like gibberish. When the people who are tasked with fact checking the Internet weighed in and aired the video of Alyssa talking backwards backwards, it still sounded like gibberish. But we are believers nonetheless, no exorcism required. We can only hope that college admission committees accept video applications.

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