Reading While Eating for January 31: The Price of Fame

Tuesday's links round out the month of January with celebrity interviews, rising stars and lots and lots of free stuff.

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Thomas Mukoya / Reuters

Maitre Azaelis, a spiritual medium, prepares a mock soccer stadium with mystical effigies inside his shrine, which according to him guide and protect the Gabon national soccer team, in the capital Libreville, Gabon

Animal Abuse: Eight sea lions were found dead with gunshot wounds in Washington state. Why would anyone do such a thing? (The Week)

Lunchtime History: Boar’s Head deli meats are everywhere. But what do we really know about the brand? (Slate)

Celebrity Swag: In news that will surely make you feel fantastic about life, it turns out celebrities get $100,000 worth of free stuff every year. (Moneyland)

Overseas Hits: Does Korean pop have a shot at making it big in the United States? One girl group is on the verge of crossover success. (The Atlantic)

Commercial Bowl: Matthew Broderick isn’t the only celebrity selling cars this Super Bowl Sunday. Jerry Seinfeld’s in on it, too. (The Daily What)

Chit Chat: Sometimes, you’re your own best interviewer. Check out these celebrity Q&As, done by the celebrities themselves. (Flavorwire)

Viral Video: People are flying through the skies of New York City! Well, sort of. (Have You Seen This)