Retirement Community Films Adorable Rap Video for the Giants

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The Super Bowl is just around the corner, so tribute videos and commercials are naturally popping up everywhere. None, however, are likely to be quite as charming as this one from the residents at the Cedar Crest Retirement Community in New Jersey.

In the video, the community members, ages 74 to 91, lip sync to a rap song by 3rd Infintry (with some added call and response!), and go on a magical semi-animated adventure to Indianapolis for the Super Bowl.

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The video was the brainchild of the community’s TV coordinator, Larry Curran, CBS reports. “We have people here who saw the Great Depression and Prohibition and just to be able to be a part of this for a life-long Giants fan, to be able to be a part of this, it’s something special,” Curran told CBS.

Our personal favorite video of older adults rapping still has to be this senior citizen choir’s rendition of “Ridin’ Dirty” and other hip hop hits, though: