Don’t Be ‘That Guy’ at Your Super Bowl Party

It's easy to get a little overexcited when the big day comes, but keep these tips in mind if you want an invite to next year's party.

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Are you the gambler, the charity case or the super fan?  From obnoxious free loaders to know-it-alls, the big game tends to bring out the worst in all of us. That’s why NewsFeed wants to remind you to work on your Super Bowl party etiquette before the Giants and Patriots face off this weekend.

“If you’re one of those guys who thinks he knows more than the coach, reality check: You’re an accountant,” Tyler Stanton explains while Tripp Crosby acts out these Super Bowl guests from hell.

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Maybe its your first big Super Bowl party or you’re just trying to make up for the scene you caused last year. Either way, the comedic duo featured on Laughing Squid has some helpful advice: Don’t wear oversized jerseys unless you’re still in high school, don’t mimic touchdown dances unless you have sweet moves, don’t Tebow too often (though NewsFeed understands that sometimes you just can’t help it), and whatever you do, don’t bring a salad.

After all, you wouldn’t want to fall into one of Funny or Die’s 21 Super Bowl stereotypes or the Bleacher Report’s top five annoying people at th eparty. And if you want to secure your seat on the couch next year, consider bringing an assortment of these football-inspired jello shots, courtesy of Pinterest.

Above all, remember: “When the commercials are on, shut your face.” The commercials breaks are NewsFeed’s favorite part.

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