After Just One Day, Jason Wu for Target Nearly Sells Out Online

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The First Lady’s favorite and most trusted designer, Jason Wu, made his mass-market debut yesterday with the launch of Jason Wu for Target. Unsurprisingly, the line is already almost completely sold out.

The collection went live on the Target website at midnight, unbeknownst to most shoppers, with no official announcement about when the items would be available online, Styelite reports. The majority of the items were sold out at 8 a.m. Eastern, and as of this writing, only 11 items from the collection of 53 pieces are still available online.

Last fall, the mass retailer ran into hot water during the launch of their Missoni collection, when their servers were flooded with shoppers vying for a piece of the line, eventually crashing Target’s website. There were also instances of items disappearing from shoppers’ online carts. Many of the items were bought only to resurfaces on eBay for a heftier price tag.

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This year, Target stores tried to combat the reselling problem, with certain stores limiting shoppers from buying more than two pieces per style. However, that didn’t stop two shoppers in Miami from buying the majority of the store’s collection to resell right outside the store.

Target will be restocking certain online items later this week, but shoppers hoping to pick something up at the store might be out of luck, as the physical stores will not be receiving additional shipments. If you’re particularly desperate, there are currently 9,749 Jason Wu for Target pieces up on eBay.

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