Giants Running Back Accidentally Scores Game-Winning Touchdown

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Super Bowl XLV saw a lot of “firsts” this Sunday.  New York Giants’ quarterback Eli Manning became the first to open the game with nine consecutive completions; he and New England Patriots’ quarterback Tom Brady were the first two starting quarterbacks who had previously been Super Bowl MVP, and the Giants’ Ahmad Bradshaw scored his first unwanted touchdown to later win the game.

With just under a minute left on the clock, running back Bradshaw accidentally scored instead of taking a knee at the 1-yard line. The score happened with less than a minute remaining in the game, and the team had planned to run down the clock. Instead, the ball went back to Tom Brady, giving the Patriots another chance to run the ball down the field.

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“I was taking a handoff and Eli was saying, ‘Don’t score, don’t score,'” Bradshaw told Yahoo! Sports. “I tried to declare myself down and touch down with my hand. They didn’t call it and my momentum took me into the end zone.”

Bradshaw awkwardly took a seat in the end zone and fell into the Patriots’ trap, giving the Giants their first lead of the second half at 21-17. While Brady did get his final shot, his usually reliable pass fell incomplete, giving the Giants their second Super Bowl victory over the Patriots in four years.

“That could be the best run of my career. And there wasn’t even anybody trying to stop me,” Bradshaw joked.

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