In Case You Missed It: John Legend Dedicates Song to Tim Tebow

The singer remixed his 2004 hit "Ordinary People" in honor of the Denver Broncos' quarterback.

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Tebow may not have made it into Sunday’s Super Bowl, but he’s still on everyone’s mind. Grammy winner John Legend remade his hit “Ordinary People” to weave in some advice for the football hero during ESPN’s “First Take” last week.

“Deny Kim K advances, and TV ballroom dances,” croons the R&B performer in “Extra-Ordinary Tebow.” As noted by the Huffington Post, Legend also adds some quips about the QB’s hold on America.  Tebow’s persona, faith and performance led to some tongue-in-cheek rhymes:

“They can’t get enough of you, a nonstop honeymoon
Way past the infatuation phase
Now it’s the Super Bowl and while you are sitting home
Skip and Steven debate you every day.”

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Legend even took a crack at Skip Bayless’ obsession with Tebow in the tune’s closing lines, as emphasized by the Bleacher Report: “Just not on every show. Skip, please, please, please let it go.”

But the soulful performer isn’t the only one crafting melodic shout-outs to the football star.  According to the Huffington Post, Jimmy Fallon dressed as David Bowie and sang a version of “Space Oddity” in his honor, while Katy Perry dedicated her new single, “Peacock,” to the football player Saturday night at her first gig since her split with Russel Brand, People reports.

These days, despite the Super Bowl madness, even NewsFeed’s thinking about taking a knee.

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