Hide Your Ears: Antoine Dodson Records an R&B Single

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He once vehemently warned the residents of Huntsville, Ala. to hide their kids and their wives using the (unintentional) power of song. Now he’s advising broken-hearted lovers to dry their tears. That’s right: Antoine Dodson has made the leap to full-fledged recording artist with the track “Lovesick Lullaby.” And naturally it uses nearly as much auto-tune as his original.

Pairing up with Athens, Ala.-based musician Brent Morgan, Dodson takes the lead on the sappy song, giving off an Usher-like vibe as he croons soulfully into the microphone. Dodson, who was launched to viral fame thanks to his ebullient manner of speaking, finds himself with a markedly toned-down appearance. It’s a fitting mood for the song that begins: “I’m trying everything, I tried to make it right. But every time I take a step, you turn it to a fight.” We always knew Dodson was in touch with his emotions, but we never pegged him for such a heartfelt singer.

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Despite the rather sappy lyrics, though, the track will likely drive nothing but glee for the duo. While Morgan is listed only as the featured artist on the track, the song is uniquely his own. The guitarist and church music leader from a small town near Dodson’s Huntsville, Ala. home originally released a cut of the “Lovesick Lullaby” track in 2010, but it failed to go viral. A similar video Morgan released 2011 did markedly better. But this third verson of “Lovesick Lullaby,” with Dodson at the helm, has in just four days garnered 100,000 more YouTube views than his previous version has after nine months.

Perhaps with some revamped lyrics – though the chorus remains the same – and, of course, listing Dodson as the frontman, this song will help to launch Morgan’s musical career. As for Dodson, he’s proven successful at warding off intruders, but he can’t quite ward off the media.

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