Martha Stewart’s Dog Wins ‘Best in Breed’ at Westminster Dog Show

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Martha Stewart and her dog had their day at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show on Monday. Stewart’s Chow Chow, Genghis Khan, won Best in Breed.

According to Stewart’s Twitter page, Genghis Khan enjoyed a night at the Plaza Hotel before heading to Madison Square Garden to compete. He showed at 10:15 Eastern Monday morning and shortly thereafter was awarded his blue ribbon. According to the Westminster website, Genghis Khan competed against 3 other dogs of the same breed.

The victorious Chow Chow is the replacement for Stewart’s previous pooch of the same name, who was one of 17 dogs who died in a propane explosion at a Pennsylvania kennel in 2009. According to Lehigh Valley Live, Karen Tracy, owner of the kennel, gave Stewart a new Chow Chow puppy in February 2010. He goes by Ghenghis Khan, or GK.

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