Reading While Eating for February 15: Tech Treasures

Wednesday's links go high-tech with huge phones and dog-toy robots.

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Stephanie McGehee / Reuters

Camels ridden by mechanical robots race to the finish during a six kilometer race at the 12th International Camel Race in Kebd, Kuwait February 14, 2012. Camel jockeys were replaced by mechanical robots in 2005 because camel owners were found to be involved in human trafficking, buying children from countries like Pakistan and India for their smaller frame and lighter weight

Mad Men Message: According to vintage ads, Listerine can do everything from curing dandruff to finding you a husband. (Mental Floss)

Linternational: Jeremy Lin fever: It’s now a global phenomenon. (Global Spin)

Nostalgia for the Future: It seems like every musician to make it big these days has an obsession with a childhood icon. Now it’s Kanye West and The Jetsons. (Flavorwire)

Odd Engineering: Why are smartphones getting more and more gigantic? Isn’t the point for it to fit in your pocket? (Slate)

Small Fry: This tiny reptile is the size of a fingertip. (The Daily What)

Weird Science: Miss your pet while you’re stuck at work? Just create a robot to play with Fido while you’re gone. Skip to 2:45 to see it in action. (Viral Viral Videos)