Reading While Eating for February 23: Do It Yourself

Whether it's a movie-caliber bank robbery or a cool snow design, Thursday's links showcase DIY masterpieces.

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Sukree Sukplang / Reuters

Statues of Buddhist monks are lined near a temple in Payathonzu, near the Burmese border with Thailand, on February 20, 2012.

Bye Bye, Brooklyn: Is America’s next hipster city…Chattanooga, Tennessee? (Mental Floss)

Theft 101: Here’s how to pull off the perfect movie heist. You know, in case that ever comes up in life. (Flavorwire)

McLaboratory: Lab-grown meat is coming in the very near future. So what would a test-tube burger taste like? (TIME Ideas)

Hot Wheels: This mom built her 4-year-old son a spot-on replica of a Red Bull Formula One car. Best mom ever. (Yahoo)

Whose News? The BBC’s evening news broadcast gets mashed up — with itself — to hilarious effect. (The Daily What)

Winter Wonderland: These beautifully intricate “snow circles” almost make us regret this unseasonably warm East Coast winter. (Have You Seen This)