Reading While Eating for February 24: Movie Magic

Friday's links look forward to Oscar fashion — and are puzzled by the movie industry's recent choice.

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Vasily Fedosenko / Reuters

A man walks towards a giant metal statue of a bison in a field near the village of Dudichi, Belarus, some 72 miles southwest of Minsk, on February 23, 2012. The bison, a national symbol of Belarus, is the largest wild animal in the country.

Tough Business: It’s not just your imagination — your mediocre coworkers keep getting promoted. Call it the Matthew McConaughey rule. (The Atlantic)

Remember When: Nothing gets the Internet in a frenzy like relatively recent nostalgia. So here are 48 pictures from the 1990s. Remember Breckin Meyer? (BuzzFeed)

Fashion Preview: Take a sneak peek at what the stars will be wearing at the Oscars this Sunday — for better or for worse. (Go Fug Yourself)

Decked-Out Dugout: Why do baseball managers wear the same outfits as their players? (Mental Floss)

Cinema Controversy: The MPAA gave an ‘R’ rating…to a heartwarming, educational documentary about bullies. What’s the deal? (The Daily What)

Rolling Along: Take a twisty, dizzy look at skateboarding through the streets of South Asia. (Divanee)

Dance Break: Next time you think you’re too tired to bust a move at a wedding, think of this guy and get up. (Videogum)