Adorable Alert: Kids Predict This Year’s Oscar Winners

Members of the Academy: We do hope you're paying attention.

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While the slightly older members of the film community get set to be yet again let down this Sunday as our favorite movies of the past year fail to be recognized by Oscar (or, in the case of Drive and Senna, not even nominated), thank goodness we can turn to the nation’s youth to set us straight.

The enterprising folks at Guyism have spoken to some children about the current state of cinema, and tried to gauge some predictions ahead of this year’s event.

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A discussion on Martin Scorsese’s wondrous Hugo elicits two of the greatest lines of analysis ever heard about the medium that is film. One girl explains that her doctor told her to see it (marking said doctor out for giving the most awesome diagnosis in history). Incredibly, this was topped by another girl who explains she liked the book “Hugo” better than her friend, who shares the same name. It’s safe to say you’ve got a definite future in film criticism with that kind of heartless attitude, kid.

One child (we hope) was prompted to say that The Tree of Life will win Best Picture this Sunday. Another remarked that the dire Adam Sandler vehicle Jack and Jill was the best movie she saw last year (let’s hope our own Mary Pols isn’t reading/watching, as it was her worst film of 2011). As for the honorary Oscar for cutest video of the year, well, that should now be a lock on every Oscar pool.

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