Reading While Eating for March 5: Art Imitates Art

Monday's links talk Simpsons tributes and Star Wars concepts.

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A Buddhist monk takes a bath inside a monastery in Yangon, Myanmar, on March 4, 2012.

Epic Opener: The Simpsons paid tribute to Game of Thrones during its opening credit sequence “couch gag.” (The Daily What)

Perk Me Up: Stuck at your desk all day? Here are some health tips just for you — and they include drinking coffee and eating chocolate. (The Jane Dough)

War on Women: Lawmakers and Rush Limbaugh don’t seem to realize this lately, but men have sex too. (TIME Ideas)

Space Oddity: Ralph McQuarrie, who was responsible for Star Wars‘ iconic look, died at 82. Take a look at his beautiful concepts for the movie’s design. (BuzzFeed)

Skipping Sensation: Who knew jumping rope could be such serious business? These videos take the recess pastime to a whole new competitive level. (Mental Floss)

The Democratic Web: Netflix is great for watching smaller films you’d never know about otherwise. The downside — many Netflix reviewers just don’t “get” famed experimental films. (Flavorwire)

Viral Video: This mesmerizing clip shows metronomes going in and out of sync. (Reddit)