Reading While Eating for March 6: Life Span

Tuesday's links witness the birth of a joke, a pop star's evolution and the death of shopping sanity.

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A girl walks with her pet monkey on a promenade along the Arabian Sea in Mumbai, India, on March 5, 2012.

Perplexing Pledge: The Republican Party in one South Carolina county is making candidates pledge that they were abstinent before marriage and that they will never look at pornography again. Seriously.  (The Daily What)

Ba-Dum-Ching: Take a look at the complicated birth of a stand-up comedy joke. (New York Times)

A Nation Recovers: See photos from Japan, one year after the earthquake, tsunami and Fukushima plant disaster. (Lightbox)

Retail Hell: Want to buy a laptop online? Just quit while you’re ahead — at least before your head explodes. (BuzzFeed)

Great Outdoors: Get away from your desk, at least in spirit, with these beautiful outdoor spaces around the world. (Mental Floss)

Scooby Who: You’ll never guess how these popular cartoon characters got their names. (Flavorwire)

Viral Video: This face-morph video of Britney Spears will make you wonder how it all went wrong — but happy she seems to be getting better. (Gawker)