Flightless Birds No More: Penguin Pair Flies First Class on Delta

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On a Delta flight from Atlanta to New York Wednesday night, two tuxedo-clad passengers waddled down the aisle. The two penguins, Pete and Penny, ages 6 and 12, were heading to the New York premiere of Frozen Planet, a Discovery Channel documentary series narrated by another notorious air traveler, Alec Baldwin. The screening, held Thursday at Lincoln Center, was followed by a “polar-themed” party hosted by Baldwin, Glenn Close and Dustin Hoffman, Yahoo! reports.

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The captain told passengers they weren’t permitted to touch the foot-and-a-half tall birds, but they could take pictures. And take pictures they did. As penguins sashayed down the aisle, passengers-turned-paparazzi snapped photos and video as if the penguins were celebrities. Which, to be fair, they sort of are. Try to imagine something better than cruising at 30,000 feet with these guys.

The waddlers appear to be well-behaved air travelers, so hopefully they didn’t face any trouble like Mr. Baldwin.

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