Reading While Eating for March 9: The Future Is Now

Friday's links take a look at robots in space and "futuristic" women.

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Radovan Stoklasa / Reuters

Zoltan Kohari, known as the Slovak Batman, poses in his home in the town of Dunajska Streda, some 34 miles south of Bratislava, Slovakia, on March 8, 2012. Kohari, who is poor, does what he can to help the residents to make their daily life easier. In return, some of these residents give him food.

Internet Icon: PBS takes a look at the animated GIF and its rise as a cultural staple. (The Daily What)

Little Library: Who says libraries are going extinct in the e-book age? They’re just becoming ridiculously tiny. (Mental Floss)

Weird Science: Pakistani officials claim that spicy food is leading children to enter puberty sooner. Wait, what? (Divanee)

Automatic Astronaut: Let us take a brief moment to celebrate the robonaut, the first humanoid robot in space. (TIME Video)

Fashion Fail? Kanye West is still trying out life as a high-fashion designer, this time at Paris Fashion Week. The results make us beg him to stick to music. (Go Fug Yourself)

Time Goes By: “Women of the future,” as imagined in 1902, look mostly like swashbucklers. (BuzzFeed)

A Dog’s Life: This music video takes us through a dog’s ridiculously fun day. (GOOD)