Reading While Eating for March 12: Innovative Ideas

Monday's links include genius inventions — like brunch and an iPad game for cats.

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Amit Dave / Reuters

Boys from the Saraniya community sit next to their sisters before the start of their engagement ceremony at Vadia village in the western Indian state of Gujarat, on March 11, 2012. The village hosted a mass wedding and engagement ceremony of 21 girls on Sunday, aimed at breaking a tradition of prostitution which has exploited women for centuries

Hair of the Dog: You knew it all along, but it’s actually true: Brunch was invented to treat hangovers. (Mental Floss)

Go Team: Going mental for March Madness? Here are five underdogs you should root for. (Keeping Score)

Front Runners: Russia is sending a group of dancing grannies to this year’s Eurovision song contest. How can they possibly lose? (The Daily What)

The Perfect Game: Here’s an iPad game you play against your cat. How is this app just being invented now? (BuzzFeed)

Twisted Disney: From bulldozers to Stalin to Dickens, there are some oddly themed amusement parks out there. (Flavorwire)

Viral Video: The evolution of cell phones, as seen through claymation. (Have You Seen This)