Clint Eastwood’s Family Set to Star in Reality TV Show

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Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images

Actor and Director Clint Eastwood poses with his daughters Francesca (L), Morgan (C) and wife Dina (R) in Paris.

Looks like Clint Eastwood’s wife and kids are joining the ranks of Snooki, Flavor Flav and RuPaul. They’re set to star in a reality television show on E!, premiering May 20, the Associated Press reports.

The show, “Mrs. Eastwood & Company,” will run as a 10-episode series, centering on Dina Eastwood, who has been married to the legendary actor and director since 1996. Also onscreen will be the Eastwoods’ 15-year-old daughter, Morgan, along with her half-sister, 18-year-old Francesca, Eastwood’s daughter with actress Frances Fisher. The 81-year-old icon will make guest appearances, but will not be the main attraction.

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Also joining the cast are the six male members of Overtone, an a cappella group managed by Mrs. Eastwood. She met them in South Africa while her husband was filming Invictus and invited them to move to the family’s home in Carmel, Calif., where cameras have already started rolling.

Mrs. Eastwood assures E! there will be no “slapping or fighting,” as seen on some other reality shows. Car crashes, however, are fair game. One of the Overtone guys apparently crashed Eastwood’s brand-new Mercedes into the front of a grocery store just three days after the group arrived in the U.S.

Clearly the show will be no shining beacon of brilliance like Eastwood’s Million Dollar Baby or Mystic River, but as far as its entertainment factor, at least the car crash sounds interesting.

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