Friday Flicks: Is 21 Jump Street the Reboot of the Year?

Grab some popcorn! TIME's Glen Levy brings you the movies you should check out (or avoid) this weekend.

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Seeking Justice

Tagline: Would You Cross The Line For Vengeance?

If it’s easy to forget that Johnny Depp made his name on 21 Jump Street, you have to literally pinch yourself to not forget that Nicolas Cage once won a Best Actor Oscar for Leaving Las Vegas. In recent years, his film choices haven’t exactly been of the same caliber and the trend looks set to continue with Seeking Justice, which sounds like the kind of title studios come up with just to attract Cage to the role in the first place.

On this occasion, he plays Will Gerard, a happily married man whose life gets turned upside-down when his wife (January Jones) is brutally attacked while leaving work. Obviously, rather than allow the authorities to investigate, our Nic becomes implicated in an underground vigilante operation by agreeing to an offer from a stranger (Guy Pearce, who should know better than to appear in such hokum) to exact vengeance.

Unfortunately for Cage, he won’t need to dust off his tuxedo ahead of next year’s Oscars. The movie “is about as memorable as a morning shower,” claims Time Out London. “Will be of interest mainly to those tireless individuals who compile clip reels of Cage’s worst moments and upload them to YouTube,” notes the Daily Telegraph. But the Observer (whose critic Philip French has forgotten more about cinema than we’ll ever learn) was in a more forgiving mood: “It works well enough, and at the end the makers know that their film invites the audience to have its irony rations and eat them.” Irony Rations? Before you know it, that will be confirmed as the title of Cage’s next movie or autobiography. Or both.

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