Watch: Improv Everywhere Turns Subway Into ‘Sleeper Car’

The prank collective paired with the Guggenheim Museum for their latest stunt.

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Improv Everywhere is one of the buzziest prank collectives, or, if you prefer, long-form improvisation troupes, around. So it’s no surprise that the group caught the attention of the art world. Although it’s hard not to when you’re best-known prank is the annual No Pants Subway Ride. So when Improv Everywhere was invited to work with the prestigious Guggenheim to develop pranks-turned-performance art, it got people talking. Their first project together, produced as part of the Guggenheim Museum‘s stillspotting nyc exhibition, was The Mute Button, which demonstrated what would happen if real life had a mute option. They followed it with a project that encouraged people to say something nice.

For their third collaboration with the revered museum, the flash-mob whiz kids took over a NYC subway car. While most things won’t faze New Yorkers making their way to work, Improv Everywhere managed to disrupt the most stoic commuter during the morning rush hour with their latest stunt. The group converted a NYC subway into a sleeper car, complete with beds, complimentary pajamas, sleep masks, and a wake-up call at your stop. Sounds good to us.

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