Top 5 Worst U.S. States for Women

Which states have been ranked the worst for women to live in? iVillage takes a look at the places where it’s hard to be a woman

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This is a very poor article because the entire thing is based on too few criteria. How about domestic violence laws, divorce laws, access to state-funded health care, access to doctors and quality medical care (by which I mean real doctors and specialists, not half-trained "nurse practitioners" and "physician assistants"). How about Internet access and access to other technology for the many women who work at home? How about affordable housing? If the employment rate and average salaries for women are low, how about access to grants enabling women to start their own companies? Okay, so these states have fewer women with college degrees--that would lead a good writer to research the availability grants and scholarships for women to obtain higher education. If you can't research a topic thoroughly, quit writing and get into some other line of work.