New Site Turns Lucky Twitter Users Into Stars for the Day

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Who wants a million Twitter followers for one day only? You now may have a shot at the Internet’s version of 15 minutes of fame.

Theoretically, a new web application called Fame is designed to turn one lucky Twitter user into the Internet’s version of  Lady Gaga or Ashton Kutcher. Twitter users who sign up will get the chance to gain hundreds of followers in one day – before losing them all the next day.

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Mashable has a good rundown of how the whole process works:

When users authorize Fame to access their Twitter accounts, they’re entered into a daily drawing. The winner is automatically followed by all of the other entrants. At the end of the day, that person is automatically unfollowed by everyone, and a new person is selected.

So far, the whole venture has over 3,000 followers in its initial launch – a far cry from millions of followers, but it’s a good start. Adam Ludwin, the creator and a venture capitalist, says it is more of a social experiment in how things go viral, rather than a money-making scheme. Fame’s first “winner” went to a radio disc jockey from Long Island, New York.

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